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Have you ever just wanted to spend time talking one on one with a medical professional about a health issue? Learning about your options in an unhurried, private environment? Gathering resources or research so you can make a more informed decision? Here’s your chance!

Here are some topics:

Breastfeeding Consultation

Work with our Certified Lactation Educator (retired IBCLC with 20 years experience) on latch problems, milk supply issues, or learning how to use your breast pump, pump flange fittings or other basic lactation issue. Meet with our experienced IBCLC for more complicated breastfeeding problems. Insurance coverage may be available for breastfeeding classes, lactation consultations and follow-up visits. 

Pregnancy Consultations

Discuss more sensitive pregnancy issues, learn more about a pregnancy complication, schedule a nutrition consultation, create a workable plan for birth or post partum recovery.

Menopause Consultation

Are you concerned about hormone replacement therapy or been told it is not an option for you because of your health or age? Learn about a variety of options for handling this important stage of a woman’s life. What’s available? Discuss risks and benefits of treatment options. Check out our products for dealing with vaginal dryness or increased urinary incontinence as your body changes.

Incontinence Consultations

Have you ever noticed how many Depends ads and commercials are out there, but no one advertises any real solutions to this common problem? Whether you are experiencing leaking following birth or years later, there are options and real solutions. Depends are just a bandaid. Surgical options are offered, but maybe there is a less invasive solutions for you. Schedule a consultation to learn about different types of urinary incontinence and how each may be treated. For many women, pelvic floor strengthening through physical therapy or electrical muscle stimulation and gels that improve skin and tissue elasticity may be all that is needed. Referrals to local Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist are available.

Senior Care Consultation

Are you caring for a senior loved one and responsible for helping them make important medical decisions? Do they live here or are you trying to do this long distance? Do you need help knowing about options or what questions to ask their medical providers? Schedule some time to discuss these things with a registered nurse who has also been a caregiver.

Diane Smith, RN, LCCE, FACCE, CLE

As a registered nurse and woman’s health educator, Diane has always had a passion for helping people advocate for themselves and their families within the medical community. By learning about all of your options through research-based information, you can have more productive conversations with your medical providers. You will feel more confident if you know what questions to ask and use shared decision making skills with your provider when making important medical decisions. Let us help you get prepared!