Something new arrived at The Woman’s Place yesterday. Our Medela shipment! Now, you can get your Medela breastpump at The Woman’s Place. We have a variety of Medela breastpumps for sale and our Symphony rental pumps will be here soon. Come see our new merchandise!

FreestyleFlex pump

Medela Breastpumps

FreeStyle Flex is a great little pump with the strength of a full-sized pump, but is about the size of a cell phone and is rechargeable with about two hours of battery pumping time. Perfect for an active lifestyle and pumping on the go. Use it with the Medela Hands-free Pumping Bustier for the ultimate convenience.

Sonata is the Cadillac of Medela pumps designed for hospital grade performance in a small package. It’s quiet and the rechargeable battery allows pumping anywhere. Perfect it you are going back to work or pumping daily.

Medela breastpumps

Pump in Style MaxFlow is the best Pump in Style pump available. The subtle vibrations of the MaxFlow technology allow the pump to increase milk volume pumped by 11.8%  over the regular Pump in Style in studies .

Symphony Plus is a hospital grade rental pump designed for the mother who is exclusively pumping or who is generating a milk supply for a hospitalized infant or having milk supply issues.

Medela Bras

Medela Comfort Bra is designed to go from pregnancy to breastfeeding. Comfortable and stretchy and easy to fit.    Medela T-shirt Bra is a bit more structured but still soft and comfortable.

Medela Bras

Medela Cami is designed for discreet nursing. It has a shelf style bra and tummy coverage.
Medela Handsfree Pumping Bustier is designed to securely hold your pump flanges while you continue doing other activities. It zips up the front for easy use and quick setup.

Medela Accessories

We carry a variety of Medela accessories including Maternity Support Belts, Personal Fit Breast Shields and connectors, pump parts and tubing, Calma Breastmilk Feeding Baby Bottles and nipples, Breastmilk Storage Solutions, and more.

So, why get your Medela breastpump from The Woman’s Place? As a certified breastfeeding educator and former IBCLC, I can help you choose the right pump for your needs and teach you how to use it, fit you for a nursing bra and help you develop a pumping plan. Hope to see meet you soon.


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