Practical Parent Education Classes

Our kids don’t come with an instruction manual and let’s face it; parenting challenges change over time with each new stage of parenting. Practical Parent Education gives you a place to meet other parents, ask questions of our certified educators and get tips on a variety of parenting challenges from beginning families to toddlerhood to the teen years. You can join us for a single class or a class series. Check out our Events page to see current class topics.

Here’s a sample of parenting topics:

  • Understanding Your Role as a Parent
  • Developing Trust within Families
  • Communication within the family
  • Building Self-Esteem
  • Understanding Parenting and Power
  • Growing Through Natural  and Unexpected Transitions in Families
  • Dealing With Anger in the Family
  • Choosing Effective Discipline Techniques
  • Dealing With Sibling Rivalry
  • Resolving Homework Issues
  • Dealing With Stress in the Family
  • Strengthening the Father/Child Relationship
  • Single and Step Parenting
  • Balancing a Parenting and a Career

Diane Smith, RN, LCCE, FACCE, CLE

I have been preparing families for birth, breastfeeding and early parenting for many years. There is a lot more to parenting, so we are happy to add Practical Parent Education classes to help as your family grows and changes. Join our certified parent educators who can help you anticipate the next changes or deal with a variety of parenting challenges.

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