Are you a dad-to-be or new dad? Finally, there is a group just for you! Just Dads Meetups are for dads only! This monthly group is hosted by Chris Rickert, a dad of twin boys. It’s a place where dads can talk about anything dad related and meet other dads in a fun atmosphere. Meetups will be happening at Southern Shores Craft Beer and Wine in Marina Village at Riverlights, right next door to The Woman’s Place.

Becoming a dad is a unique experience. There are all kinds of classes and groups for expecting couples and new moms, but dads tend to get forgotten in all of the excitement. This group will be a casual place for dads to hang out with Chris, ask questions and share suggestions, and meet other expecting and new dads. This is a huge change in your life and relationships. New expectations and responsibilities. Let’s face it, this is probably the biggest change in our lives. It’s the first time any human is totally dependent on you! Everybody has expectations and new rules for dads. You may wonder how you are going to live up to it all. You have so many questions! Some questions you just need to ask another dad who’s going through it too. That’s where Chris comes in. He’s a fun dad of two very busy little boys. He may not have all of the answers yet, but sometimes you just need someone to listen with a dad’s point of view.

So, join Chris for snacks and grab something to drink. Ask questions, share ideas and create new dad friendships. Be involved in making this group a special place for dads. The great thing about having a new group is that you get to have input and help decide what the group is all about. We are leaving the direction up to you guys. You may decide to have discussion topics or just Q and A discussions, plan outings with your new dad friends, grab a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants around the park or just have a gripe session sometimes. It’s up to Chris and you guys.

No moms allowed at Just Dads Meetups, so moms are welcome to bring baby and hang out at The Woman’s Place next door. Diane and Courtney Rickert will host the moms and babies while dads are doing their thing. Then you can meet afterwards for a walk in the park or along the boardwalk overlooking the Cape Fear River or grab a bite to eat at Smoke On The Water or Girls With Dough.

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