Lamaze class

Whitney and Jarrod – Your Lamaze and Breastfeeding class was so helpful. Baby Joshua was born at NHRMC and is doing great. Breastfeeding is going well. He weighs 11 pounds now! We were so blessed to have worked with you. Thank you again for all your patience and flexibility during the Covid restrictions.

Amber and Jack – We attended Diane’s Lamaze and Breastfeeding classes. Jack was a bit reluctant, but Diane helped him be more comfortable and he even started asking questions. Labor and birth were a great experience for us thanks to all the techniques we learned in class.

Breastfeeding Class

Sylvia and Jose – Diane’s breastfeeding class was so fun, and we learned so much. We learned to trust my body and our baby’s abilities. It helped us to get off to a good start and to troubleshoot a few minor latch issues.

Breastfeeding Return to Work Class

Heather – This class really helped me to get ready to go back to work when my baby was just 2 months old. I learned how to use my pump and about storing breastmilk, how to build a small freezer stash, how to create a plan for pumping that would work for my job and much more. We are still going strong!

Grandparenting Class

Janice and Bob – I wasn’t sure I needed a grandparenting class. We had managed to raise three successful children. Now our kids were having kids of their own. This class helped us to see that it is a different world today. The “rules” have changed. Diane’s tips on helping a breastfeeding mom and developing trust and respect were great.