A woman getting a healthy pregnancy class from The Woman's Place.

Spinning Babies Parent Class

This three hour class is all about using balance, gravity and movement during pregnancy, labor and birth for better outcomes.

Balance begins with the Three Sisters of Balance to exercises to restore the design of birth by releasing what is tight, unwinding what is twisted, and supporting what is too loose.

Use gravity by resting smartly in pregnancy to support the balance you have achieved to help contractions work more smoothly and efficiently.

Movement helps relax muscles and helps baby maneuver down during labor and birth.

In this class, you will learn hands-on techniques including:

  • Daily Essentials Exercises to improve your range of motion in pregnancy and labor
  • The Three Balances to restore balance within your body and give baby more room to maneuver through the pelvis during labor and birth
  • Rest Smart to maintain flexibility and function with Rest Smart positions for pregnancy

Diane Smith, RN, LCCE, FACCE, CLE,  Spinning Babies Certified Parent Educator

Diane has a passion to change the birth experience in the community through pregnancy, birth and parent education. Spinning Babies is the perfect addition to our classes and complements the information and skills learned in our Lamaze classes. Many of the labor and delivery nurses at Betty Cameron Woman’s and Children’s Hospital recently took the Spinning Babies course and use these techniques with patients during labor and birth. This parent class is the perfect way to use these techniques to their fullest during your pregnancy and birth experience.



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