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These parenting classes will help you feel more confident as you move through the stages of parenting from baby to toddler to school age and teen children. Practical Parent Education was developed in Plano TX as a way to help parents learn how to handle different stages of their parenting journey. It has grown to be a nationally recognized parenting curriculum and we are happy to bring it to Wilmington parents.

Classes are on Monday, January 23 6PM at our new location in Elevate Coworking at 2512 Independence Blvd, Suite 100. Come meet, Dustin Smith, our certified educator who will be coordinating and teaching these classes. Dustin is a single dad of a 10 year old son who just happens to be my grandson! I am excited to be coteaching these classes with Dustin.

Here is a brief list of over 30 classes that are available:

Understanding Your Role as a Parent-
Recognizing Traits of a Healthy Family
Developing Trust Within Families-
Understanding Attachment and Bonding between Parent and Child
Rebuilding Trust that had been Broken
Communication Within the Family-
Communicating Effectively with Children of All Stages
Dealing with Anger in the Family
Defusing Family Disagreements
Expressing and Communicating Feelings and Emotions
Building Self-Esteem Within the Family-
Knowing and Valuing the Child as an Individual
Helping Children Learn to Make Healthy Choices
Teaching Children Kindness and Respect
Understanding the Complexities of Bullying
Understanding Parenting and Power-
Establishing Authority as a Parent
Choosing Effective Discipline Techniques
Dealing with Sibling Rivalry
How Parenting in the Early Years Sets a Course for the Future
Growing Through Natural Transitions in the Life Cycle of Parenting-
Understanding Developmental Stages in Children
Strengthening the Father/Child Relationship
Accepting and Growing Through Unexpected Transitions in the Life Cycle-
Helping Children Cope with Change and Loss
Growing Through Single Parenting
Growing Through Step-Parenting
Balancing Parenting and a Career

Our first formal class will be Monday, February 13, 6PM Balancing Parenting and a Career. Each individual class will cost $25 and will require registration and payment in advance at Current class topics will be posted in Call Diane at 910-833-5044 if you have questions.

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