Sleep Consulting Prenatal And Newborn Package

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This Sleep Doula Package is designed for pregnant people who want to know about newborn sleep and begin creating good sleep habits from the beginning or parents of newborn babies up to 3 months of age. This complete sleep doula package pulls together Diane's expertise as a certified sleep consultant and lactation professional and your expertise on your family to help you have success. Diane will be available throughout your sleep training package to develop a plan that works for your family and support you as you implement your chosen sleep plan.

This sleep training package includes the following:

1. An educational package where will learn about newborn sleep and how important it is for optimal brain development, safe sleep, swaddling, how to do a nursery assessment for sleep environment, and sleep shaping for your new baby.

2. Creation of a customized sleep plan for your baby

3. Phone or in-office consultation to choose your preferred method and review the plan

4. Two weeks of email or text support while you implement the sleep plan

5. Follow-up phone call to discuss progress and celebrate successes and discuss next steps

6. Sleep Survival Kit

7. Private Facebook Group access

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