Sleep Consulting Toddler Package

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This sleep consulting package is designed for children 13 months and up. It encourages independent sleep and helps end the bedtime battles. This complete sleep doula package pulls together Diane's expertise as a certified sleep consultant and your expertise on your family to help you have success. Diane will be available throughout your sleep training package to develop a plan that works for your family and support you as you implement your chosen sleep plan.

This sleep training package includes the following:

1. Assessment of your child's sleep environment, safety, bedtime and nap routine, and sleep problems

2. Creation of an individualized sleep training plan including several options for the most appropriate method of sleep training for your family, a plan for night time sleep and naps, how to handle sleep problems

3. Phone or in-office consultation to choose your preferred method and review the plan

4. Three weeks of email or text support while you implement the sleep plan

5. Follow-up phone call to celebrate successes and discuss next steps

6. Sleep Survival Kit

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