Pediatric Sleep Consultations are now available at The Woman's Place! Diane is certified through The Center for Pediatric Sleep Management and ready to help you and your child get better sleep and more rest. My specialty is helping breastfeeding families achieve their sleep goals. As a Lactation Professional, I know how special breastfeeding is to a family and I also know that it can be hard to get sleep! In the early days of breastfeeding, you are working hard to establish your milk supply and get baby latched properly. Breastfeeding hormones also make you and baby sleepy, so it is easy to fall into the habit of nursing baby to sleep and nothing wrong with that in the early months. Then you realize that baby will only go to sleep while nursing and you are the only one who can get them to sleep. Babies need frequent feedings in the early months as well as night time feedings to establish a good milk supply, but there comes a time when baby should be able to sleep longer stretches at night and be more independent in getting to and staying asleep, but you are not sure how to make that happen. I will be happy to assess your sleep situation and help you get more rest while protecting your milk supply and breastfeeding relationship. This begins with a comprehensive assessment, then creating a personalized sleep plan, followed by personal support as you work through the plan and a follow-up call to review successes and next steps. Book a free phone call to explore the options and decide which package is right for your family. Once you choose a Sleep Doula Package, I will send you a questionnaire to begin the assessment process, we will schedule a call to review your personalized sleep plan and decide together which methods to use, then choose a date to begin working together to meet your sleep goals.

The Woman’s Place has added Pediatric Sleep Counseling to our services. Diane Smith, RN LCCE CLE Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant has developed a variety of sleep counseling packages to help parents ease the bedtime struggles and get more sleep. Diane specializes in helping breastfeeding families achieve their sleep goals while protecting your milk supply and breastfeeding goals. Sleep counseling packages range from Prenatal/Newborn Sleep Counseling to Baby and Toddler Sleep Counseling. Packages include a thorough sleep assessment and a personalized sleep plan developed by Diane and support throughout the time you are implementing the sleep plan. The Prenatal/Newborn and Baby Sleep Counseling packages also include a class to help you understand infant and toddler sleep cycles and changes as your child grows and develops. Take a look at the packages in the website store sleep category. Please call Diane at 910-833-5044 if you have any questions about sleep training.

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