Well, it’s all new! The Woman’s Place opened in December and is a new concept located in the RiverLights area of Wilmington NC. My dream is that it will become a sort of hub for women and their families where you can find a variety of services, education, support, and products as you move from one life stage to another(from pregnancy to menopause). I would also love to see it become a hub for birth and women’s health professionals who want to share their expertise and come together to provide a variety of much needed services in Wilmington. I’ve spent the first few months creating classes and consultations and gathering a unique variety of related merchandise for the boutique. You can explore the website to find out what’s available and register for classes and consultations. Classes Check out our Facebook and Instagram, too! www.facebook.com/thewomansplacenc @thewomansplacenc

It’s been fun and challenging pulling all of this together in the midst of a pandemic. Now, it’s time to add to the mix with events and services. What would you like to see us provide? Is there something missing? Do you provide a women’s health related service that you would like to share or know someone who does? Let’s get creative and add some innovative and fun activities and services to The Woman’s Place. Please, share your ideas and needs and I will consider adding them to The Woman’s Place.

Here’s some of my ideas:
1. Lunch lectures
2. Yoga under the trees
3. Walking the boardwalk
4. Additional class topics
5. Additional consultation topics
6. More maternity clothes
7. Extended children’s clothing sizes
8. Support groups
9. Product demos
10. Craft demonstrations and classes

it’s going to be fun seeing The Woman’s Place grow. I can’t wait to see your suggestions and ideas!

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